Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How many of us have ever been zooted?

Zooted - so high, stoned, drunk, wacked out of your mind that the only thing you can say is, I am so f@#%@ing zOOted.

This blog will be the future blog of all my zooted experiences along with anyone else that is willing to share. Whether you were smoking with your homies, or just shrooming in a club, or mixing vodka with blue nitro. We've all got stories.

I will start with a story that will make everyone laugh. It was way back when in a club called spanky's. I was slamming Dr. Pepper shots. (shot of 151 on fire, dropped in half glass of beer) and chasing it with tequila. Of course while smoking weed. Halfway through the night, I got so zOOted that I went outside and sat down on the curb. Now, earlier that day I ate a lot of chocolate ice cream. I started to get very nauseous. This is when you know you are too zOOted. Not wanting anyone to know I puked, I opened up my shirt and puked inside it. That's right, inside my shirt. Only when you are zOOted can you do something so good.

Stay tuned for many more.

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